30 March 2012

People picker not filtering groups in Office 2003/2007 but in Office 2010

I just had an amazing problem that had cost me nearly a complete day to find out. So i'm going to share my knowledge and hope you are not struggling with this issue.

in the SharePoint group "ChangeUser Owners" are the following people listed:
  • DEMO\Administrator (Administrator)
  • DEMO\hans.meiser (Hans Meiser)
  • DEMO\ilona.christen (Ilona Christen)
and also other people who are in different groups or just have different access.

for example in a Task List you want to filter the people that are displayed in the "assigned to" column. You just want to display the people from a specific SharePoint group like "ChangeUser Owners" as shown in the picture below:

Now just create a Datasheet View of this task list.

Expected behavior:
In Office 2010 this Datasheet View will be displayed as shown in the picture. Only people from the selected group are shown.

In Office 2007 and Office 2003 the groups are not filtered out!! I couldn't believe it, but if you take a look at this list with Office 2003 and Office 2007 this will be displayed as:

Conclusion: Maybe i'm doing something wrong. But in my case this only works with Office 2010.


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